12x Hyline Warewash Hygiene Tablets (15 tabs)

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Save 25% on manufacturer’s list price

Deep clean your commercial dishwasher with Hyline Hygiene Tablets – the manufacturer recommended cleaner.

Use with HOBART’s built in Hygiene Programme to:

  • Kill any lingering bacteria
  • Remove limescale and grease build up
  • Eliminate any odour and freshen up your machine
  • Maintain sprayer arm power
  • Keeps elements clear so the machine reaches the optimal temperature

We’d recommend running a Hygiene Programme once a month with our Hyline Warewash Hygiene tablets. Most HOBART machines will prompt you when a Hygiene Programme is needed, just one tablet will deep clean your dishwasher in just 15 minutes!

If your machine doesn’t prompt for a Hygiene Cycle, we recommend you run one once a month.

Contents: 15 tablets – sufficient for 15 applications

Save 25% from the manufacturer’s list price buy bulk buying your Hygiene Tablets.


HYLINE 897954 Safety Data Sheet
HOBART Service MSDS for 897954 Hyline Hygiene Tablets

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12x 897954 Hyline Warewash Hygiene Tablets

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